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Magic One’s Gift Guide For The Car Lover In Your Life

December 5th, 2016

Gift Guide for the Car Lover in Your Life

Don’t know what to get the vehicle enthusiast in your life for Christmas? Look no further! Magic One has taken the guess work out of gift giving by putting together this guide that is sure to please!

  1. Complete Car Wash Tool Set– This is the perfect gift for the friend who always has to keep their car looking spotless and shiny!
  1. Heated Car Seat Cushion – For the sibling that is always freezing. Ensure every winter ride is a comfortable one with this heated car seat cushion.
  1. Buff and Touch-Up Service – We all have that friend who is constantly driving back-and-forth on highways and rough roads. That can really take a toll on their car! Bring their car to Magic One for a touch-up paint service to cover up those rock scratches and road wear on their car.
  1. “Parking Only Sign” – Let your pal mark their territory in the garage with their own custom Parking Only Sign.
  1. Headlight Restoration Service – Why not give the gift of safety to a friend or new teenaged driver? With Magic One’s headlight restoration service, we are able to increase visibility while driving on the road at night and have their lights looking like new again.
  1. Custom Steering Wheel Cover – Perfect for your friend who loves to customize everything and has to have a pop of color and fun in their life! Etsy sells thousands of custom steering wheel covers to either show support for your friend’s favorite team or to add a touch of fun to every drive.

We hope this gift guide helps you find the perfect present for your favorite car lover. Be sure to check out what else Magic One can do for your car here or stop by our Charlotte retail location at 1512 Cross Beam Drive, Charlotte, NC 28217. Happy holidays!  

Preparing Your Car for Winter With Magic One

November 2nd, 2016

Cold weather is upon us…is your car ready? At Magic One we want everyone to stay safe on the road and be prepared for the winter weather, so we put together this checklist. It’s time for some automotive reconditioning!

  • “Winterize” your car with winter windshield fluid
  • Make sure your headlights are working and clear for driving in fog and snow
  • Have your brakes checked
  • Keep an emergency winter box in your trunk. This box should include road flares, a flashlight, a bag of sand for ice on the roads, warm clothes in case you get stuck and snacks
  • Remove any chips and cracks from your windshield
  • Flush your car’s coolant system to avoid overheating later on
  • Always stay aware and alert on the road in any condition

Once your car is ready for the winter, stop by Magic One in Charlotte for all of your automotive reconditioning needs.