The interior of a vehicle often represents how well the vehicle has been maintained and cared for. This is the area of the vehicle that the owner spends a majority of their time, so naturally it is the first area that most potential buyers will look when deciding to purchase a vehicle.

Consequently, a vehicles interior – good or bad- can affect the resale value. There can be any number of issues on the interior of a vehicle and Interior Magic, a division of Magic One, has a solution for practically all of them!

Issues such as damaged or faded carpet, cracked leather or vinyl, odors, stains and other damage can cause a significant reduction in a vehicle’s value if you don’t have the problem corrected.

Interior Magic can restore vehicles to their like new condition so you can get the best resale value possible.




Our services include:

– Cigarette Burn Repair
– Leather Repairing and Dying
– Fabric and Carpet Repair
– Stain Removal
– Odor Removal
– Button Graphic Replacement
– Plastic Repair
– Pet Hair Removal
– Blind Stitch Repair
– Headliner Restoration
– Heel Pad Replacement
– Metallic Trim